Dowtown Augusta GA

Evans was ranked first in the Best Place to live in America by last 2020.

We all have been on the lookout to provide the best place for our family, which includes the low cost of living, high paying job, career & business opportunities, safe neighborhood, and warm & friendly community. Our family only deserves the best – so we decided to write this hoping this helps!

Why? How?
Everyone was wondering how did Evans accomplish it and surpass the other areas they thought could’ve been better. A lot factor was considered when this was weighed in for ranking according to

The residents have family friendliness and a level of community involvement, which made them score high on the diversity scale.
Evans had the lowest cost of living and high-income levels with a median household income of $101,000 with a 36,000 population. Affordable homes are also present with a median home price of $241,000 as of 2020
The area also offers schools in which fourteen (14) of twenty eight 28 schools are public district schools with great ratings.
Augusta has 11 hospitals which make 1 of every 90 residents in the area is a doctor. The biggest employer in the area is the U.S Army Cyber Command, which relocated here from Washington D.C. in 2020 which employs about 30,000, and growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the area is 5.2 % as of June 2020.

Atlanta which is about 2 hours West down I-20, offers big-city amenities like the world’s largest airport by passenger traffic – the Falcons and Hartsfield-Jackson International. Savannah and Charleston, SC are just about 3 hours South East following the I-26 E route, offers a historical & classic southern weekend getaway spot.

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In overall, this makes Augusta, Georgia great place in raising a family.